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Schnell Talks Fry Thief

Holy French Fries, Batman! We're back with a quick tease! Yes, there's been a bit of a Beer'd Gamers hiatus, but fret not, for we plan to return to yo...View Details

Welcome to this week’s episode of Beer’d Gamers!  We take a step into the Dungeons and Dragons universe today, specifically into the depths of Castle ...View Details


Hello and welcome to Beer’d Gamers!  We’re still a podcast, we still play board games, and we still do it while trying to drink as many beers as we ca...View Details


This week we’ve got Robert along for one more!  We’re challenging everyone’s logical thinking and tile-laying skills with the classic board game Carca...View Details

Munchkin Steampunk

Hello, and welcome to the dungeon, baby!  Wake up, because it’s time to play Munchkin, Steampunk edition! Munchkin is a multiplayer card game where th...View Details

Hey, Hey!  We’re back in action with a special guest this week!  Join us in welcoming Robert to the fold!  Robert is a good friend of Teej’s, and he’s...View Details

Ex Libris

Hey, hey! We’re back!  This week we’re back with our first full-game playthrough in a while, and we thank you for sticking around while our schedules ...View Details

Tiny Epic Kingdoms

This week we take on another game from the Tiny Epic series as we play Tiny Epic Kingdoms.  Tiny Epic Kingdoms sees players taking on the role of a fa...View Details

We’re back this week with part 3 of our Mice and Mystics playthrough.  Our previous playthroughs are available for download if you haven’t been follow...View Details

Boss Monster

Holy shit, we’re back!!!  It’s been a long time since we’ve all been in the same room together, and apparently a long time since Teej and his sister g...View Details

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